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Zeta Tau Alpha

Zeta Tau Alpha - University of Penn Sorority

On April 9, 2011, ZTA reactivated the Alpha Beta Chapter as the 27th link in their Chain of Chapters with 141 members. The Reactivation Service was held April 9 at the Cohen Hall Auditorium the University of Pennsylvania campus. A celebratory luncheon was held on Sunday afternoon at the Hyatt Regency Philadelphia at Penn’s Landing.

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To the Moon with My Honey


The day after we got married, my hubby and I flew off to the Riviera Maya, Mexico for our week long honeymoon. My 5-year-old nephew was very curious about what a honeymoon was and why I was going on one. So he asked if I was going to the moon with my honey.

The time we spent there was breath taking and lavish as we enjoyed the bright Yucatan sun, the fading blue twilight, taking long bike rides and relaxing as a new husband and wife. It may seem like there was no one at the resort and that we had our own private photographer following us around all week.